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Contractor Marketing Services Offered

  • Google Maps Listings (and ranking improvements)
  • Google Organic Listings (SEO)
  • Google Pay Per Click Advertising Management
  • Web Site Design / Restructuring / Optimization
  • Contractor Business Cards
  • Business Lawn Signs
  • Truck Magnets
  • Other Offline Advertising Materials (Pens, Magnets, Stickers etc.)
  • (800) number Registration & Management
  • Direct Marketing Pieces

  • My Story…

    If you were to ask me what is the single greatest marketing medium that you can use for my company today I would have to respond simply with, the internet. You can measure your results through clever direct marketing strategies, and you reach a LOT more people who are actively looking for your services for a lot less money than traditional marketing venues.

    As a landscape and hardscape contractor, I had tried multiple lead acquisition companies. These companies can be great resources when utilized properly. Unfortunately, there’s no training on how to properly go after these leads, and so you end up with a giant hole in your wallet, a bunch of wasted time on your hands. Essentially these companies group you together with a bunch of other contractors, cheapening your services and lessening your value to the customer.

    Contractor Leads U.S.A. offers full service premium contractor marketing services to the best contractors in America today. We work with you to make sure your return on investment is not only acceptable, but AMAZING!

    There is no contract-commitment to stay with us, just the incentive of the money that goes into your pocket each and every month as a result of your partnership with our company.

    While partnered with us, we will not work with any other competing contractors for your combined trade and service area. We don’t want to cause price wars like ‘the other guys‘ out there. We want you to succeed, be happy with the services we provide for you.

    We let you do your job, and we do ours. Everyone is left happy from the customer, to the contractor, to your contractor marketing company.

    We specialize in search engine optimization, not because we have to – but because it is the single greatest opportunity for local businesses to succeed in today’s high tech world. More and more young homeowners who have money to spend (even in a recession) are looking to the internet to find professionals for jobs that they don’t have time to do themselves. We help you to create an online image that will have your customers running to your door, credit cards in hand anxiously waiting to sign the contracts!

    But no marketing campaign is complete without the utilization of offline marketing – which is why we also offer a wide range of products and services using direct marketing tactics and personalization to increase your ROI, and put more money in your pocket. So the only question left, is what are you waiting for? Call Now!